Paragliding Tandem Flights

Desire to escape ? Extreme freedom ? Between Vanoise and Mont Blanc, wonderfull tandem paragliding flights can be made with Laurent or/and his collegues, all fully qualified with a long and big experience!

Contrary to popular belief, it is very accessible, of course an active participation of the passenger is necessary, in particular during take-off and landing, but it is enough to run for a few meters at the start and you are in the sky, to defy gravity !

There is no such thing as vertigo in paragliding and you will be able to fully enjoy your unforgettable experience, whether the flight is short, long, calm or restless, it will not leave you indifferent !


From 6 years old, there is something for everyone and all desires, from the quietest to the craziest !



Little Discovery Flight    100€

          5 to 10mn.

A  Flight where you find the essentials, take-off, flight plan and landing, everything is there like other flights.

The dream of man accessible for everybody, while maintaining great emotions !

Flight in the very first part of the morning, reserved for children and people with low weight.

> 18kg / < 40kg

Panoramic Flight        130€

         20 mn.

Enjoy the landscapes of Beaufortain and Vanoise, savor your excitement.

You like freedom, to discover new activity, you are contemplative of the great landscapes without experiencing a too much restless flight,

the Panomaric Flight is perfect for you !

> 18kg / < 100kg


Panoramic Flight " The Forts"      140€

          20 mn.

After having taken an improbable road in the early morning, we arrive at the take-off from "Fort de la Platte" at 2000m altitude with a view of the Vanoise glaciers. Once crossed  the old military fort converted in the past into an alpine farm, we will fly over the "Fort du Truc" and the splendid Beaufortain pastures.  

> 18kg / <60kg



Performance Long Flight     180€

          40 mn.

Tonic flight ! Discover the thermals updrafts of the day to increase flight time. Good currents often allow you to rise higher than take-off and

get closer to the peaks.

This flight is recommended if you are looking for "spicy" sensations and the sportive side of that amazing activity.

 > 50kg / < 100kg


Prestige Long Flight       300€

         1 hour.

High performance sportive flight, it is the most beautiful, the longest, your pilot will exploit the thermals updrafts of the day to rise in the sky, sometimes above the mountains with breathtaking landscapes and amazing views of the glaciers.

This flight is recommended for special event, people searching "new" sensations with a taste for adventure or looking for the exceptional.

 > 60kg / < 100kg



Increase your experience with one or more options!


Do you like giant carousel-type thrills, adrenaline ?

Your pilot will perform extensive flight maneuvers for your viewing pleasure !


Photos & Video

Have the HD images of your flight, your pilot will make and give them to you at the landing, you can fully enjoy your awsome experience !



Take the controls and discover the piloting of the paraglider with the help of your pilot who will guide you live !


Extra informations

For the Flight, plan:

- Duration depending on the type of flight chosen, between 1 to 2 hours from our meeting at the place of appointment around Bourg Saint Maurice, .

- Shoes that hold the foot well (sneakers with crampons or light hiking shoes)

- Warm clothing for the upper body.

- Sunglasses.

- Pants and lightweight gloves for long flights or slightly cooler days.

- Way up to take off included with the price, by lifts or vehicule.


-CAUTION: the flights are carried out according to the conditions of the day, the pilot, the only decision-maker for reasons of safety and expertise, may have to report, or cancel the flight at the last moment.

In the event of a cancellation by the pilot, the flight is fully refunded.

Thanks for your understanding.

Prices are by person.

Mountains Flights, Extremes Flights, Educationals Flights

On request, I can offer you mountain flights with approach walks in sumptuous settings offered by "Mother Nature", but also very long flights, which I qualify as extreme, over several hours, and educational flights (cross country)

Please, contact me directly.